Bake-Even Strips


Tired of deformed cakes with high-rise centers and crusty edges?
Bake-Even cake strips serve as an anti-deformation protector to ensure perfect, evenly baked cakes every time.

The damp strip keeps the sides of the pan cool, regulating the baking temperature to ensure perfectly level cakes

Product Features:
– Adjustable belt with loops to secure the strip around your cake pan
– Oven safe up to 204 Celsius (400 Fahrenheit)
– Reusable and easy to use
– Prevents cakes from deforming while baking perfectly moist cakes

Product Specifications:
– Material: Hight quality nylon fabric
– Size / Dimensions: 88.9cm (long), 3.8cm (wide)
– Weight: 34g

– Dampen the strips by either soaking them in cold water or holding them under running water until wet
– Remove excess water, but do not wring
– Wrap the Bake-Even strip around your baking pan and secure with the adjustable belt loop
– Add cake batter to your baking pan(s) and bake as directed
– Enjoy your perfect cake



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