Set of 3 X 45 Degrees Standard Cut Blades


These replacement cutting blades are fully compatible with Cricut Explorer Air 2/Air 3/Maker/Expression.

Choose amongst the various sets as follows to suit your crafting needs.


1.Set of 3 X 45 Degrees Standard Cut Blades

Color: Red Cap

The 45-degree cutting blade is a standard cutting blade, suitable for cutting most general media: such as foiled card stock, poster board, and computer paper, vinyl, stickers, foam sheets, and so on.

2.Set of 3 X 30 Degrees Thin Cut Blades

Color: Yellow Cap

These 30-degree thin cutting Cricut special blades are designed for cutting window tint, film and rice paper

3.Set of 3 X 60 Degrees Deep Cut Blades

Color: Blue Cap

These 60 degrees deep cutting Cricut special blades are designed for intricate and delicate cuts on thin materials such as magnets, cardboard, stamp material, thick cardboard, foam, cardboard and some fabrics.

4. Set of 3: 1 x 30 degrees, 1 x 45 degrees, 1 x 60 degrees

Color: Yellow Cap (30 degrees), Blue Cap(60 degrees), Red Cap (45 Degrees)

These replacement blade will keep your crafting on track for creating a card, scrapbook, personalized gift, Christmas party wall decoration.

5. The replacement cutting blades are made of premium tungsten steel, sturdy and durable and the tip is sharp with high polishing, which can be used for a long time.

Usage Instructions:

1. In order to avoid scratching your fingers, these blades are wrapped in a rubber cover, please remove cap before use.

2. These blades do not automatically adjust to the depth of cut. If you are using different types of cutting knives or materials, knife blades must be adjusted manually according to different cutting material.

3. ALWAYS run a test after adjusting the tip before using on final design

4. If the blade or body of the knife is too long will cause vibration and deflection during processing, which will lead to damage to the tool and affect the quality of processing, to meet your needs we recommend that you try to use a short blade.

5. If the cutting jumps during the work, please stop immediately and repeat the installation test several times to make the tool and the jacket get sufficient contact before working.

1. Extremely Sharp, always be careful while using these blades
2. Please use suitable eye and ear protection when operating
3. This is NOT a toy.
4. Keep away from reach of children, pets at ALL times

3 x Blades
1 x Rappid Branded Carry Bag


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